Melbourne Car Mechanic

Just as we must look after our bodies by visiting the doctor for a check-up every so often, our cars need regular servicing — at least once every 12 months, or when you clock a certain number of kilometres (whichever happens first) — to keep them functioning optimally. This will help to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and identify anything that might become a bigger, more costly issue later on. For honest, reputable mechanics in the Melbourne CBD, book in to see your South Melbourne Tyres team.

The importance of having your car serviced regularly

Exactly how necessary is it to have your car serviced? Registration and insurance come around once a year with a deadline, but is servicing optional? Absolutely — if you care about having a well-maintained car that will last for years to come, then servicing by professional mechanics is a must.

While brand-new cars are placed on a servicing schedule, it’s equally, if not more, important to regularly check under the hood of older vehicles to ensure they’re humming along smoothly. Our car servicing in Melbourne is thorough and comprehensive. For minor services, our mechanics will make their way through a checklist, including assessing the oil and oil filter, brakes and brake fluid, leads, spark plugs and air filter, as well as testing your car’s air conditioning, lights, steering and suspension. At a major service, you can expect a more in-depth assessment, from inspecting the vehicle for safety issues and repacking wheel bearings to checking tyre tread and pressure, engine belts and hoses, the battery and coolant condition, as well as fluid top-ups. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Our full range of services includes:

  • Air Conditioning;

  • Batteries;

  • Brake Repairs;

  • Log Book;

  • Mechanical Servicing;

  • Roadworthy Inspections;

  • Safety Inspections;

  • Suspension;

  • Tyre Fitting;

  • Wheel Alignments;

  • Wheel Balancing.

Signs your car may need a service

The most accurate way to find out if your car needs a service is to check the vehicle log book or owner’s manual, which details when the car was last serviced and what actions were performed. As a general rule of thumb, you should book your car in for a service every 12 months, although this will vary depending on how much and to what conditions you usually drive. For example, if you take a lot of short trips, this can make your car more prone to mechanical issues, which a more regular servicing schedule will help safeguard against. If you miss a service, your vehicle’s performance will be noticeably poorer, from reduced fuel economy to missed mechanical failures and even a lesser driving experience. Our cars, much like our bodies, have a funny way of telling us they need a check-up.

Did you know you aren’t obligated to take your car to the dealership for servicing? Many mechanics in Melbourne, including South Melbourne Tyres, offer competitive pricing and authentic replacement parts. A professional service by our registered mechanics will not void your warranty and could save you a lot of money — how’s that for peace of mind. Book your next service with South Melbourne Tyres for guaranteed ease of experience and value for money. Our Melbourne car servicing specialists will be all too happy to help.