Car Battery Replacement Melbourne

We’ve all been there: you’ve got somewhere you need to be and, right when you least expect it, a flat battery stops you in your tracks. South Melbourne Tyres will get you moving again, swiftly and hassle-free. Servicing metropolitan Melbourne, we’re your local car battery specialists.

How do you know if your car needs a new battery?

The battery in your car is its primary source of power. It sets off a chain reaction that kicks over the starter motor and the engine. If that weren’t enough heavy lifting, it also powers all electronics in your vehicle, from the radio to the dashboard computer. Without it, you’re getting nowhere, fast.

Most drivers will only discover their car needs a new battery once they turn the key in the ignition and the engine cranks over but fails to start. This is a surefire sign your battery is past its prime. Your headlights might be on, but nobody’s home. In this instance, a battery replacement will get you back on the road.

Other signs your battery may need replacement, apart from the engine lagging, include visible cues like a warped battery case or corroded connectors, and dim lights. It might also give off a rotten smell.

When should you replace your car battery?

Never fear, most of these red flags can be spotted simply by checking under the hood, which our Melbourne car battery specialists can do for you. The good news is, car batteries are also date stamped, so, if it’s three or four years old (depending on your driving habits), that’s a good sign it’s time to replace your old battery.

What makes your car battery flat?

So, your battery is less than three years old and still shows signs of dying? This could be due to human error — things like leaving the headlights or radio on or excessive short drives (say, a short daily commute to work or trip to the shops) — but it can also be caused by factors outside of your control, such as extreme temperatures or a defective alternator. Batteries are generally covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for a limited period, which covers most scenarios outside of normal wear and tear.

Should I replace my car battery myself?

When replacing your car battery, it pays to have professional hands working on your prized possession. While it’s possible to replace the battery yourself, our friendly, knowledgeable car battery specialists in Melbourne have the expertise to provide a smooth customer experience focused on convenience and value for money, leaving you with nothing to worry about except planning your next destination.

Flat battery sapped your mojo? You need South Melbourne Tyres.